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Light up your gear and never grope in the dark again with LidLite for the Pelican 1510 and 1535 air cases. This plug-and-play accessory effortlessly attaches to the lid, instantly providing a flood of light at 300 Lumens. Say goodbye to fumbling for a flashlight when you need to find your gear quickly. With LidLite, visibility has never been this convenient.

Discover the ultimate lighting solution for your Pelican case with LidLite. Our sleek and battery-powered accessory installs seamlessly onto the lid, ensuring you have a well-lit area to work in. Don't let darkness hinder your efficiency; trust LidLite to keep your equipment visible and easily accessible.

We are the FIRST and ONLY LED Work Light for Your Pelican Case! Illuminate your gear with ease using our 300 lumen work light, providing a hands-free solution right when you need it. Designed for quick installation, LidLite aligns perfectly with the factory mounting points on your Pelican Case lid, and its unique design ensures compatibility with most lid organizers*.

Crafted from ABS Injection Mold, LidLite offers the perfect balance of lightweight construction and exceptional strength, delivering durability you can rely on. The total assembled weight is just under 12 ounces, so no need to worry about extra weight!

Featuring USB C pass-through charging, LidLite allows you to charge and use the light simultaneously, ensuring you are never without illumination. Experience unmatched convenience and versatility with the LidLite for your Pelican Case. 


- Fits Pelican 1510, 1535, 1560

- ABS Injection Mold Bracket

- 300 Lumen LED Light Bar

- USB C Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery**

- Hands Free use

- Direct fit application

- Works with most pre-existing lid organizers***

- 6 hour continuous run time

- Pass through charging

- Weighs under 12 Ounces


* Note: Lid organizers sold separately

** Charging must be completed with a USB to USB C cable.

 *** Some lid organizers may not work or may require modifications to holes to line up with LidLite.


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