Ryan Tolzmann


Ryan Tolzmann started his career as an Audio Engineer over a decade ago, having mixed for artists such as Colbie Caillet, Liam Payne, Gavin DeGraw and many more. Throughout his years of touring around the globe, one of the few constants he could rely on, was his Pelican 1510. With most of his work taking place in poorly lit areas, the need to see his work his work was on going endeavor. It was during those years that Tolzmann set out to create the ideal solution. As with any new innovation, the learning curve was steep, the prototypes were many, and the hours designing and redesigning on CAD were countless. Throughout the years of working on this side project, it was Fall of 2021 when Ryan decided to finally go all in and launch the brand and product you now see today as LidLite. Tolzmann launched Presale in June of 2022, and with a few minor set backs, was able to go to market by December 2022. Tolzmann is excited for 2023 and the future of LidLite!